A Photo Prompt Micro and New Writing Friends

I’ve recently stumbled upon across some really nice writer folks on Twitter via the Virtual Writing Group, (@virtwriting). Not only are they a welcoming, supportive bunch of people but they are also masters of tomgiffery a term I especially coined for the exemplary GIF show their members put on last week for their 1st birthday celebrations 😁  I had the chance to get involved in the week long fun and thought I’d share a tweet sized micro I wrote in response to a photo prompt comp (Pic courtesy Michael Ellison, @MikeEllison7)


After months of gruelling psychometric tests, the good folk of Dullsville were selected to receive the first intergalactic mission from Mars. But when the sky ripped, birthing a giant bulbous spaceship, Mo’s eyes were elsewhere.

“Left the oven on, haven’t I?”

Please check out the other fantastic entries on their Twitter and if you think that looks like fun(I do!), Mike Ellison reliably informs me that they have photo prompts on Wednesdays and also a thing called Maggie Mondays which is all about questions and musings. Look up #VWG and Virtual Writing Group Photo Prompt for more.

Happy Writing!!


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