About me


IMG_2639few years ago, my lifelong love of books turned into a passion for writing and I felt inspired to write about a fantastical world based on the magical Indian myths that were my bedtime stories during a childhood stint in India. I started working on Aghni, the first of a planned YA fantasy trilogy about an underdog female protagonist who becomes a warrior and avenger against all odds. From being ridiculously proud of a single, pretty sentence to learning the hard way about characterisation, description, plot, pacing and structure, it has been a long and fascinating process of discovery. In 2017, I finished a rewrite of my novel on the online Faber Academy ‘Work in Progress’ course and am looking forward to the next step in my writing journey. I also write micro-poems and more recently, flash fiction, in my time off from being a GP/mum. I was shortlisted by the TSS publishing company in their Spring 2018 competition for my flash ‘Colours.’

I can be found chatting about books, poetry and writing on Twitter @krhosair