A micro I wrote from a one word prompt

O.K, I’ve waxed lyrical here and on Twitter about how much I love using @AdHocFiction ’s one word prompts  to write micros.

The unsuccessful one below was huge fun to write because I wrote it in 10 minutes in a DNA slot fuelled by a quick, much needed coffee. I didn’t think I would write anything in that time but I started scribbling words and a little story pitched up from nowhere. It’s an incredible exercise to hone in on your imagination and writing skills.

Currently, I’m writing a 100 word historical piece about the moon for @FlashBackFic’s summer competition  I’m really enjoying it! Please feel free to comment on other micro resources 😊👍

Ad Hoc Prompt: Veneer

My brain: 🤔 Mmmm, fried eggs….

cooking eggs food fried eggs
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


The Price of Eggs

An egg cracks over a hot pan. Gloopy albumin dollops out in a flattening sphere, a raw sun at its midst. Its transparency clings to metal heat and turns white, the buttercup heart cradled in a new shape. No chicken, this. It has defied fate, and become a thing of beauty. It glistens and has clear boundaries. It is me, I decide. When the veneer cracks and my core bleeds out, I will rise from the inferno, change from see-through to albus and let my heart be cocooned safe again. Frying pan or fire, I will prevail.

 In one mouthful, you swallow a whole fried egg.




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