Writing the nth draft of my 1st book (Aghni; Reign of Fire) on the Faber academy online ‘Work in Progress’ course took up my entire 2017. I decided to take a break from the book to regain a bit of perspective. My tutor, Rupert Wallis had mentioned all sorts of writing resources in the mysterious world of social media. Although a bit wary, I took the plunge into Twitter in February this year. One thing led to another and I ended up following some flash fiction folks. Started reading some pieces and you know what? There is some AMAZING writing in flash fiction. Imagine trying to stimulate, intrigue, move, entertain, provoke, all with a few hundred words using pristine prose. Well, this is what some of these writers do and I’m so pleased I’ve become a flash reader because it’s a joy to read :))

Feeling inspired, I wrote a piece for the @TSSpublishing Spring Flash Fiction competition 2018 and to my pleasant surprise, I was shortlisted for my flash ‘Colours.’ Not only has flash fiction given me a much needed hiatus from my book but it’s kept my writing muscles in shape and expanded my repertoire. The best thing about writing Flash? It’s a few hundred words. ‘Colours’ took 2 hours to write, an edit the next day and I was done. My novel has taken 5 years and counting! (Ok, juggled with two babies and work and starting out as a novice so I’ll let it off)

If you are an aspiring writer, why not give it a shot? You have very little to lose and possibly a lot to gain :)))


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